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May-June 2019 Update
May has been a busy month. Walter's new Chemo has given a tad bit more energy. I'm still tredging along trying to get this place in order. I truly thank Keith Corum for his helping get the man chores done. The task at hand is to get every thing done and set up so I can take better care of my husband and the house. Susanne Wilson is truly a blessing when it comes to getting inside the house stuff ...more

The Move
We have been living in Rio Vista for about two years now and I canít say ití been an easy move. In fact it has been down right horrible.

First off weíve had far to many friends and family members pass into the heavens either from natural causes, cancer or suicide prior to the move. Not to forget,We were still cleaning up after the fire and trying to get it all organized when our land lady gave...more

Raina Rivera Amazing and Encouraging Young Woman
I just have to blow the horn of admiration for Raina Rivera who has travel the road of lifeís hard knocks. Today her life is a little more settled with a hubby and two kids. To me her life is harder then some of us. She suffers from Crohnís Disease and I believe a couple of other things (That escape my mind at the moment; because, being disabled I see people not disabilities or health problems...more

What's With Yahoo
I donít use yahoo a lot. In fact Iím pretty sure I donít use it for searches or anything important. All I wanted to do was signup for a pen-pal group or two and get back on my old pen-pal group.

1) You have to unlock your security thingies so they can get in or just see your business. Always had too. Main reason I donít do the yahoo thing. I donít need spy ware or that kind of stuff taking ov...more

Whatever Happened to Christmas
Yes I live in California, there is no snow or a whole lot of things to do or to celebrate the season or reason for the season. Christmas and even the church has become so commerialized, Iím surprised any one knows how to pick out a gift for their friend or family members. Gift card this, cash there, or just saying we arenít doing Christmas this year. Last year people havenít even helped out t...more

I had to do a lot of thinking to find the silver lining in having to move to Rio Vista. I really hated it here. It was not at all as nice or friendly as it was in our many visits to it for boating events etc. Iíll have plenty to say on this later.

Karma is : the force generated by a personís actions and in its ethical consequences to determineÖ. Hinduism and Buddhism believe it is to perpetuat...more

Bevy's Art Corner News Letter January and February 2015
New Stuff

Again I say; I am sorry I have not been keeping my web page up-to-date. Life lately has been somewhat horrific.Weíve had far to many friends and family members pass into the heavens either from natural causes, cancer or sucide. There was even a suicide. Weíre also still cleaning up after the fire and trying to get it all organized. Personally; I think we could be finished and have ...more

Bevy's Art Corner News Letter March 2005

New Stuff

Very scary, but very interesting road I'm about to travel. I've always liked doing arts and crafts, drawing and painting; or anything that took an artist flare; and they would always keep my interest for a time.

With great anticipation I'm starting an art corner helping out our local artist type folks show-off and sell their stuff. Lets not forget my stuff...more

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