My World of Ball Jointed Dolls

Jan/2015 I’m sadden to say I can’t handle the larger ball jointed dolls. They are now safely packed away until I get a sewing machine and start making doll clothes. I want to do doll shows to help make some money to buy a house. The big dolls will make good modela for the shows. For now it is just a dream, I’ll get there tho. Just wait and see.

Dec/2014 I’m not sure I talked about my latest hobby; ball jointed dolls. It is a rather expensive hobby; so, it is a good thing I love my dolls. I’m getting into wig making and fashion design for them. This part of my web page shall just be added to and not replaced.

Articulated dolls have been around since ancient Egypt and Greece. Ball-jointed doll in modern history began in the late 1800-1900s. I believe it was around this time that ball-jointed dolls were made of bisque,and unglazed porcelain. Most of these dolls I’m told were produced in Germany and France.

In1930, the artist Hans Bellmer created dolls with ball-joints which he used as models in his surrealist photography. Be sure to look him up. He was ahead of the time back then and thus is an interesting read.

The Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) hobby today began in the year 1999. The Japanese company Volks came out with their line of Super Dollfies. Their dolls are cast in polyurethane resin, stand about 22 inches/57 centimeters tall, are strung with elastic cord, and are fully customizable.

Today Ball Jointed Doll companies based in Japan, South Korea and China have popped up here and there, releasing their own original dolls.

Today there are a lot of companies and artists creating and selling Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) and the hobby is slowly becoming a world wide hobby. I will share my BJDs with you. I have a few different brands of dolls; but, I say my girls and boys / men and ladies are from…