Restaurant Review

My Restaurant Review

Basque Cultural Center

Basque Cultural Center located at 599 Railroad Ave. in San Francisco. This is the place the WWCC has their award dinner. My husband loves that club and I think 98% of the people in it are really cool and I enjoy tagging along with them. Who knows I might have a working ship one day. I’m not going to talk about their menu except for the average 25-30 bucks a plate; and that pissed me off because the food taste like hospital food and the service was probably the worse I ever had/saw. A 6 oz of soda was 3 bucks. Had to wait for everything, beg for a second cup of coffee and someone was rudely told they couldn’t have a second dinner roll. A couple of the staff was friendly but most were not including the elderly owner. I kept being asked to get out starting before 7 which; I was told was our finish time, when I delivered the message.

My husband and I were a little late, but still no need for them to bring me the wrong meal; which, they brought with dessert. I took a bite and had it to go because the dessert was ice-cream and would have been melted by the time I ate my dinner. I wasn’t really impressed by this place last the year before either, but then I just figured it was me and my to high standards for high prices. I figure the price should reflex the flavor at expensive restaurants. I saw this treatment before here. Once or twice is forgivable, but when it is a constant it is time for me not to attend again or I might not be able to keep my mouth shut and I don’t want to do that to Rob whom loves and books the place. I will not go again; no matter how much hubby bugs me to attend. I say don’t go here unless you have to please others.

India Palace

India Palace is in San Francisco on the outer edge of Japan Town at 1740 Fillmore. It is a small little place with no fancy frills. You can order off the full, the vegetarian, or the non-vegetarian menu; which all have fair prices. Walter and I tend to go for the $10.00 buffet which includes soup, hot chi tea and their flat bread.

Some of the food is too spicy for me, but I like it and don’t stay away. If I know we’re going I take some sour cream with me. If we just end up there; which, we often do when in SF, I’ll just use Ranch dressing from the salad bar to soften the spices on my plate,

I recommend this place even if you aren’t on a budget.

C'Bianca Ristorante Italiano

C’Bianca Ristorante Italiano of course is an Italian restaurant. It’s right here in Santa Rosa at 835 2nd St. in what was once the owner’s home. The inside is rather modest with wall murals and tables appropriately placed. It even has a bar/cocktail room/lounge. This is Walter’s ex-bosses’ choice for our Christmas dinner (We had it in January and it is very very nice. Too bright for a romantic dinner but still very very nice.

The food is excellent and worth the price. Yes me Mrs. Scrooge is saying this place it not only worth the trip, but worth the cost, I wouldn’t say no to coming here for a special dinner. Salads and appetizers range from 7 to 9 bucks. Main courses are 17 to 39 bucks. My Bistecca Allagriglia (Rib Eye) melted in my mouth. This bit of info might come in handy if you got a fussy eater for the meal. Walter’s boss has changed his eating habits and doesn’t eat dairy and something else. After getting the fact was cheese in Pesto (I now know why I failed when I tried to make it) across. Walters boss had Linguine in seafood sauce made with tomatoes and wine.

Yes this place has patience and service; it is a must try people. So far best place I’ve eaten at since I’ve been in Santa Rosa.