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Long long ago Shiners Hospital introduced me to arts and crafts, drawing and painting; as part of therapy. I enjoyed anything that took an artist flare; and they would always keep my interest for a time as I was growing up. Now I'm all grown up with a renewed interest in several aspects of the art world. I am mostly self taught; creative courses weren't in the books for me. Still, I enjoy being creative and believe homemade, hand crafted, or personally created gifts mean more. because part of yourself goes into the item. I believe buying something home/hand made puts part of you into the gift; because, It wasn't just taken from a shelf or put on a gift card. It was not the easy way out. You took time to choose it.
I'm about to travel a very interesting and scary (I'm not fond of the unknown) road. I have started down this road by painting at Sausalito Art Walk for the last three years. After a ton of encouragement it is with great anticipation I'm started an art corner to show off my stuff and hopefully get some interesting comments and perhaps a sale or two. Life happened and I fell behind. A fire destroyed our home, took our animals and all or rather most of my crafts and painting stuff. The past is dead and buried and I'm now trying to help my husband get us back on solid ground.

I now have a gallery where you can purchase prints, postcards, and fridge magnets from the grave yard. I'll have newly painted pictures, jewelry and other interesting things I hope to sell, displayed there.

I will also look forward to your to your suggestions and comments.

Bevy doing her stuff at the Art Walk I am, a disabled person with no use of one arm and 10% use of the other (due to Polio). To add to my life challenges, I can't walk far or stand for to long and by doctor's orders use a wheelchair or scooter whenever I go out. I may not like how I look, but I'm proud of who I am and how far I've come from my youthful days.
I may not see beauty every where I look. I may be not happy all the time. Still life is good and I know I've accomplished a few good deeds, made a difference in a couple lives and left my mark upon this world.
I use to dabble in arts and crafts. You know make Christmas gifts, write stories with twists or the life events I'd have liked, drawing and painting. Anything creative squeezed it's way into my heart and got shelved on my journey of life. Somewhere along the that road of life it all decided to hibernate until...
Then I got married and moved to California. My whole life changed. Surprisingly there was culture shock. I missed my friends and family; and to fill in the void I started to rediscover arts and crafts as I helped manage my husband's store.

My Biggest Belief is "A Person is only as good as their word."

My Art

Bevy doing her stuff at the Art Walk

Arts and crafts have always been part of my life; because, I spent most of my childhood in hospitals and that sort of thing is often part of of recovery or rehabilation.I think it was just a natural road to continue down the art trail and grew to really enjoy drawing, painting and other creative things.

Michael O'Mannion was my first artist friend and he reopened the doors to the world of art. I loved that his style was everywhere and in many dimensions. He did everything well. I'm totally surprised he isn't famous. I really miss him being part of my life. Then there is the wacky artist known as David Lloyd 3rd. He taught me to mix colors and to paint outside the so called box. He challenged and encouraged me to broaden my creative side. He is about and still encouraging when his health permits. If you want some really different type of paintings or a good photographer look him up on the web

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