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Bevy's Art Corner News Letter March 2005

New Stuff

Very scary, but very interesting road I'm about to travel. I've always liked doing arts and crafts, drawing and painting; or anything that took an artist flare; and they would always keep my interest for a time.

With great anticipation I'm starting an art corner helping out our local artist type folks show-off and sell their stuff. Lets not forget my stuff will be up for view and sale too.

Bonous If my little art corner takes off, I just may start an art club, where artist types can get together talk about their work and pick each other's brains. Plan shows, parties or whatever.

Artist of the Month

Artist Known as David Lloyd 3

David LLoyd 3 says: I am. Artist, Painter, and a all around Warped Person. I have studied,psych. art, arts management, blaugh, blaugh, blaugh. While I believe one should learn as much as possible. I also believe that the papers of academic accomplishment are tools that governments use to keep track of those of us who think for ourselves.

My art has won awards, and critics have written nice things, about me and my art; however, I will not list them for two reasons.

First I paint and do art, to entertain myself, not for awards.I'd also it if critics want to praise me they can buy their favorite piece.

Secondly A.D.D. or not I can never seen to keep track of paper. I am an Artist not an Accountant.

Also... I believe that rules are for the masses, and artists are exempt! That could be why I am not rich, ... yet. I have found new in-sites in everything I have ever done, and I carry that into every piece that follows.

I paint, primarily to please myself.Although I could always use the ego high I get every time someone buys my work. Therefor It is My personality that is my "Signature Style". Besides there are so many different things to express, and so very many different ways to express them. I don't think I'll run out, in this life time ! ! ! It is my hope that the joy I feel as I produce each piece, is passed along to everyone who sees them. Although it is, "the creation of something new." that I get off on. I like who I am, a disabled,dyslectic, thinker = ARTIST, and I am having fun !

I see beauty every where I look ! Life is good ! Most of my life I reproduced other peoples art. Until about 10 years ago,when I lost the use of my hands. .......( spinal cord damage )....... Still learning to use my hands, again, is the most surreal experience of my life.........

I feel since the invention of the camera, the role of the artist shifted, from copying to expressing, what the artist sees. That is why, while I sometimes paint real things, I paint them in altered or unreal ways, and sometimes they are only real to me. For the most part, the paintings I am doing now, start out as my digital photographs. My "sketching" process is then done in the computer, 'till I get the image I am looking for. Then I paint it ! BIG ! The other paintings are things I see in my head just before I wake up ! Then I paint them !BIG! I also mix in to my paint / ink, glass, metal, and rock powders to play with the light. The rest you can see for yourself. You don't need to think like me, just THINK.

David's hard copy orginal stuff can be seen at Anime Baka 462 Mendocino Ave (not there anymore). Santa Rosa CA. You can also visit http: // artistknownasdavidlloyd3 (not there anymore) to see his tuff on line. Just remember if you purchase some of his art, to mention you found out about him from Bevy's Art Corner

My Art

Arts and crafts have always been part of my life; because, I spent most of my childhood in hospitals and that sort of thing is often part of of recovery or rehabilation.I think it was just a natural road to continue down the art trail and grew to really enjoy drawing, painting and other creative things.

For the last couple of years I'd paint a picture or two, now and then. In the last for months or so, I've been hanging out with the wacky artist known as David Lloyd 3rd and produced more painting then I did in my whole life. My like has turnt into a passion and I'm sure I'll leave my mark upon this world in the form of art.

David challenges and encourages me to be creative. I'm learning how to mix my own colours and to be daring with them. I even use left-over colors both he and I use to do abstract, which is different from surrealism that I'm picking up from David.


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