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I had to do a lot of thinking to find the silver lining in having to move to Rio Vista. I really hated it here. It was not at all as nice or friendly as it was in our many visits to it for boating events etc. I’ll have plenty to say on this later.

Karma is : the force generated by a person’s actions and in its ethical consequences to determine…. Hinduism and Buddhism believe it is to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence.

Death and the loss of love ones is life at work. The karma of the fire in my way of thinking was the powers that be decided I put enough blood, sweat, tears getting the church (up and running) and making the parsonage livable.

The car accident I wasn’t sure about; however, after the gal who hit us admitted it was her fault and she admitted going through the red light to the police, I figured it was suppose to happen. We sued (because she was driving carelessly and caused bodily harm) using a so-so lawyer (not an accident lawyer) and won just enough for a down payment on our small house in Rio Vista.

Thank God our landlady was greedy and wanted to spruce up the units to raise the rents. I do believe her karma is going to kick her in the ass one day, as all her tenants lived there for years. We were the newest and like the others had no intention of moving. Walter found a little, very little house in Rio Vista, CA we could buy…

The fall outside our new little house was to make me slow down and the fall outside the Stockton Bank where I actually tripped on a sidewalk that needed repair. We did not sue; because, 1) It was an accident (yes it cold have been prevented, had the city kept up repairs) 2) I wanted the city counsel to see we understood and belong here.


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