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What's With Yahoo

I donít use yahoo a lot. In fact Iím pretty sure I donít use it for searches or anything important. All I wanted to do was signup for a pen-pal group or two and get back on my old pen-pal group.

1) You have to unlock your security thingies so they can get in or just see your business. Always had too. Main reason I donít do the yahoo thing. I donít need spy ware or that kind of stuff taking over my computer. I have a hard enough time doing the few things I do on it.

2) Now you must have a mobile to get on (have an account); I suppose the reason for that; is to spy even deeper into your private life or to bombard you with junk mail. It also means: Screw the poor folk who canít afford a mobile or those who just donít want a mobile. Most elderly, disabled and those with tight budgets donít have mobiles in their life. I suppose they donít matter to Yahoo.

3) Their customer service sucks big time. I stayed on hold for an hour. The guy trying to get me on; finally says ďSorry you need a mobile.Ē I say isnít that some kind of discrimination and illegal?Ē He transfers me to their law enforcement, where Iím once again put on hold. I say screw this and hang up.

I may not have a mobile for yahoo to spy on me with, but I do have Facebook and my web page to bitch on. Who knows some one out there might have or start a class action suite I can join in. The phone treatment (Hour on hold and transferred to another hold) worse then a visit to the principleís office and not being able to join groups not even the ones I was in before the must have mobileÖput my knickers in a twist and upset more then any computer thing should.

If you have had such treatment or nightmarish experiences with yahoo please tell me Iíll add it to my web page and facebook. They need to pull up their socks and treat people like they matter..


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