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The Move

We have been living in Rio Vista for about two years now and I canít say ití been an easy move. In fact it has been down right horrible.

First off weíve had far to many friends and family members pass into the heavens either from natural causes, cancer or suicide prior to the move. Not to forget,We were still cleaning up after the fire and trying to get it all organized when our land lady gave her tenants notice. Thanks Giving was ruined as packing and house/apartment searching took itsí place.

The move took itsí toll, partly because I still was recovering from a car accident that had me sleeping in a chair for five months or so. It really took itsí toll on Walter; because, heíd do work on the move after work. We gave a ton of stuff away and still moved a ton right smack in the middle of rainy season with a muddy yard to meet us.

I was always the work horse in this family; unfortunately Walter couldnít help much during the week with a two hour ride to work and a two hour ride home from work. He pretty much ate and went to sleep. Good reason this time and I as always was doing my best.

Walter thought Rio Vista would be the perfect place for me. He was sure weíd make friends easily after all it was always very friendly when we visited Rio. He liked that I could walk about the core area of the town or use my wheelchair for the further away shops.

Little did he know the weather was a killer. Rain, rain, and more rain. Oh so much fun moving in the rain. NOT. Wet and or muddy in the Spring and Winter. Summer and fall itís pretty fricken hot. This Sept it hit a 111* To hot and/or wet to work in the yard.

The first year shortly after the weather cleaned up enough to get some real work done, I fell and had a concussion that lasted about six months. Hardly any wok got done as I slept a lot. Sleeping is my cure all for everything. This year 2017 I fell and broke my left arm between the elbow and my shoulder; my shoulder was also pulled out of jointÖ

We are slowly getting settled and starting to feel a little at home. I have to clean up the front of the house n porch as soon as my doctor says I can drop the sling. Iím out of the arm brace finally the break is mending well, but my shoulder is still having issues. I have to be careful so I wonít have to have surgery. At any rate it is time to put gardening stuff awayÖ.

How do I like Rio Vista so far. Iím not sure I should say as it will surely get a few of the localsí knickers in a twist. Me being me and I own everything that happens to meÖ Iím going to express myself as I always do, up-front with no side stepping or sugar coating the bitter truth or my feelings.

Almost two years here and I can say I kind of know a few people in passing. Some I think might make good friends if friendship is encouraged by either them or me. I know that I have a strong definition of friendship (Iíll share it sometime) One person Iíve met I do consider a friend. Some people donít like her, but she is realest person Iíve met thus far. I met one other person I really like and have a lot in common ?ith including having disabilities that interfere with our every day life and we both do our best not to let our limitations hold us back.


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