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May-June 2019 Update

May has been a busy month. Walter's new Chemo has given a tad bit more energy. I'm still tredging along trying to get this place in order. I truly thank Keith Corum for his helping get the man chores done. The task at hand is to get every thing done and set up so I can take better care of my husband and the house. Susanne Wilson is truly a blessing when it comes to getting inside the house stuff done. She is my arms for moving stuff around that I can't move or lift. I get encouragement whenever she drops by and I get more done. With Keith and Suanne's help I just may have this place in shape by my birthday at the end of September. I'll update house progress then.

Purging is the hardest thing. I'm thinning out my hubbies and the only thing that makes me happy, is giving my spoils of purging to people I know and like. Of course there are times I just play it forward and drop it off at different store or the Good Will. Funny I had a smaller hobby room in the old place and no room to move. Here it's bigger and harder to get organized. I wonder if it's harder because I'm getting rid of stuff or if it's just because I'm getting older and slower. I did dabble in a way to many crafts and far to many mediums of paint. I'm still finding it harder to trim dowm then it should be; because I know the end result I want to end up with. My goal is to keep onto doll clothes making stuff and beads for doll jewelry making and arylic paints. I want to be paper free and do all my writing on the computer. Keeping a web page of sorts will help me get in the habit.


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